Round Lesbian Booty

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I love butts! That’s not a secret – in fact, I’m pretty sure that everyone that knows me knows that I love buts. Big juicy butts, little round butts, firm butts, soft butts and sweet teen lesbian butts. That’s why when Josie and Lezlie decided to poke their firm little asses at me I couldn’t help but take a picture. Now – tell me, how many guys get hotties like this naked on their couch pointing their asses in here air and saying “Take a picture”? And then home many guys get to film the same hot cunt munchers fucking each other?

Josie And Lezlie Show Of Their "Tramp Stamps"

Josie And Lezlie Show Of Their "Tramp Stamps"

OK – just call me the luckiest mother fucker on the planet – or you can get over it and check out the pictures I made of these two hotties on Glass Mannequin.

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