Let’s Take A Vote – Should I Fuck Hannah Tonight?

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OK – I’ll do it even if I loos the popular vote – but the real question is, should I video myself fucking her? Hannah is one of the nasty girls in my neighborhood that likes to stop by and have a few drinks. Well, last time she was here, she left a bottle here and I told the little cunt that she would have to get the skinny little butt back her to get the bottle. Well, as luck would have it, she like to fuck when she’s drunk so my bucks is on that I’m getting laid tonight and if you’re lucky, I might put the images on REAL COLORADO GIRLS. For thous of you that don’t know, I first met Hannah when her step brother brought her by because she had pissed him off – how? you ask, well, it seams the little bitch was fucking his dad – her step dad and he didn’t like the fact that his sister was fucking his own father. When her brother saw my add in the local paper, her brother thought he would get his sister grudge-fucked by an older guy as retribution. What he didn’t think of, was his little sister likes older men – why do you think she was fuckin his dad? Here’s a pic of me fucking Hannah for the first time – you can see all the images and scenes on BRING ME YOUR SISTER

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Hannah sucks my cock and her friends waits

Well – to make a long story shorter (just so I can show more disrobed pics of Hannah) she liked fucking me so much that she got her real brother to drag her back for a second grudge-fuck.  Then she just kept coming back for more of my immense cock so I put the scenes on REAL COLORADO GIRLS and GLASS MANNEQUIN. In fact, I’m about ready to put a real hot shoot of Hannah and her girlfrined, Autumn. top-notch news; join any one of my sites and I’ll give you full access to the other two for no additiona cost.