Kaydence Skye’s First Orgasm

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The first time I fucked Kaydence she owed her brother dough so he had pimped her out to Bring Me Your Sister in her first porno shoot to get his dough back. Well, Kaydence never was one to do what her brother wanted so she stole the dough back – now her brother and I were looking to make her earn the dough again. After the first time I fucked this hot little hard-bodied coed she had told me that she had never had an orgasm while making love to a man. And to be honest, she didn’t have an orgasm the first time we had fucked but this was about to change. Kaydence Skye was about to have her first on-screen orgasm with a man.

Back to the story of Kaydence Skye’s first on-screen orgasm and the first orgasm that she had ever had with a man…………… The last time we fucked I had her close to cumming a few times but I just couldn’t find the spot so this time I decided to spend a little more time on her clitoris. Like many teens, Kaydence needs clitoral stimulation to reach climax so it was now my mission to find out what kind and how much. Flickering my tongue over her clitoris I gently slid one finger an inch or so into her wet coed coochy and put the other hand on her belly just above her pelvic bone. This way I could feel her muscle contractions with my fingers and I could watch her breathing and facial expressions as I licked her now fat clitoris.

One of the things I’ve learned over the years is that we men often do the right thing to get a woman to climax – we just don’t do it long enough. I decided that I had all the time in the world as long as Kaydence was willing to play with. Soon I could feel her vaginal contractions intensify and her breathing started to get irregular so I knew I was doing the right thing. Now to do it long enough for her to reach an orgasm. My tongue felt like it was going to fall off and my hand had a cramp in it but I continued to flick my tongue over her clitoris with the same speed and pressure as I worked my finger gently, almost unnoticed around the edges of her now wet and throbbing vagina.

As I looked up at her face, she almost completely stopped breathing and although her eyes were closed, I could see that they were moving as if she were in the REM phase of a good dream. Sliding my finger deeper into her now pulsating muffin, I flicked my tongue slightly harder and faster on her clitoris. Gently squeezing her firm left can with my right hand, I continued to finger her coochy and lick her clitoris and she started to arch her back and buck in the first throws of a building climax. Now guys, DON’T STOP HERE! – maintain what you were doing. Kaydence moaned and giggled as she curled her toes and arched her back in the final throws of her climax. Once over the “hump”, Kaydence’s clitoris is so sensitive that she can’t tolerate any more stimulation – pushing my fellatio away she completed her orgasm. “Oh God I’m Cumming” ;-)    I’ll be posting all of Kaydence Skye’s “sister porno” on Bring Me Your Sister so check it out today!