Another Homemade Film

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My friend Richard Nailder and I were hanging out one day, when I grabbed his film camera and said “get fucking naked because were making a homemade film!” I was already naked and ready  and waiting for his fat dick… but he was dicking around with the cameras. Initially I planned on this being a private film but it was so fucking hot that I thought I would share it with all my fans – you can download the full film on Real Colorado teenagers.

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Me Playing With The Camera

As I laid there with the camera, cunt dripping wet, I imagined being filled with the old man’s dick, filming myself climax as he shoved his over-sized hard pecker into my sloppy wet cunt and makes me feel like the dirty little cunt I am. ;)     Download the film here.

Finally Getting Some Dick

Finally Getting Some Dick

I’m not sure if I had multiple orgasms or one very long orgasm but I do know that I cam a lot – you should try to count the times I cam in our little homemade film by joining Real Colorado Girls.