Cheerleader Sister Makes Porno With Her Brother

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Petite teenager cheerleader Kaydence Skye is in all reality a devious little skank that will fuck just about anyone to get what she wants.  This high school cheerleader’s entire smut experience  started when she fucked her brother’s tattoo artist. Seems she broke the guy’s heart and he refused to finish her brother’s tattoos. He wanted retribution so he brought her to the guys at Bring Me Your Sister. He knew she would fuck to get what she wanted – but he wasn’t sure that she would let her brother video her fucking – but as you can see – the little teenager skank will fuck anyone to get what she wants.

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It’s not often that you find a petite high school cheerleader with such a firm teenager butt but when you do, you grab her brother, hand him a camera,  put her butt in the air and ram your pecker as deep as you can in her little teenager cunt. Then you post the video on the internet for everyone to enjoy. You can enjoy the full-length video of this hot teenager cheerleader by joining Bring Me Your Sister today.

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My Sister Hates Cream

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I know it sounds sick, but last I had the pleasure to watch my sister get covered in sperm and the silly cunt pretended like it was the end of the world – did I mention hat my sister hates sperm? It all started when my little sister was riding my fucking sex vibrator and broke it. Now this isn’t just any sex vibrator, it’s a Sybian and those fuckers cost a few cash. Anyway, my little sister fucked mine up and so I wanted a little revenge – and what better revenge than to pimp your own sister out to an old man?Now this isn’t the first time my sister has fucked me over so she knew exactly what was about to happen when I showed up at the Bring Me Your Sister abode.

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My Little Sister

It didn’t take long for me to agree on a price for my sister’s cunt – basically, if the old man would pay me back for my sister’s transgressions, I’d let him fuck my little sister silly. The old man forked out the dough and then proceeded to fuck my little sister’s shaved little cunt like he had never fucked my sister before. Pulling her pant off, he then pulled my sister’s briefs down past her over-sized booty to her ankles and then folded her in half and hooked her wet pink briefs behind her fellatio so she couldn’t even get away. He then stuffed his fat old boner deep into my sister’s tight little shaved cunt.  All the wile I was right there filming my sister get abused by the old man from Bring Me Your Sister.

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Bending My Sister In Half And Fucking Her

And I truly believe that my little sister is a fucking floozy – that’s why I was so surprised to see her flinch when the old man blew a over sized load of sperm all over my sister’s pointy little breasts. Of course, if you hunger for to see how much my sister hates sperm on her breasts, you have to check out the full movie on Bring Me Your Sister.

Butterfly Haze – First Bare Pictures – Amateur Sex Porno

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Butterfly Haze has one of the cutest teenager pussies that I’ve ever had the pleasure to fuck. I met Butterfly at a local filling station – her cars had overheated and she was in tears, she needed to get to work but she had no way there. I offered Butterfly a ride and the rest is history.

Butterfly did her first amateur sex smut shoot the next day so that she could earn the coin to fix her cars. Over the next few weeks, I took hundreds of errant pictures and made dozens amateur sex smut shoots of this hard body teenager bimbo. In the middle of shooting her second amateur sex bare photo shoot, Butterfly asked how she could earn even more coin – naturally I offered her the chance to do a hardcore scene. We were alone so we set up the cameras and in the kitchen and I proceeded to fuck her tight teenager muffy as hard as I could – at one point, I even handed her the camera so I could fuck her harder. Pulling her hair as I grudge fucked her from behind, she moaned in pleasure and begged me to choke her a bit. Who am I to say no to a sexy teenage bimbo. After her 2nd orgasm, I shot a substantial load of jizz on her tight teenager muffy and let it drip slowly out. Butterfly is one of the finest teenager beavers I have ever fucked.

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Kaydence Skye’s First Orgasm

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The first time I fucked Kaydence she owed her brother dough so he had pimped her out to Bring Me Your Sister in her first porno shoot to get his dough back. Well, Kaydence never was one to do what her brother wanted so she stole the dough back – now her brother and I were looking to make her earn the dough again. After the first time I fucked this hot little hard-bodied coed she had told me that she had never had an orgasm while making love to a man. And to be honest, she didn’t have an orgasm the first time we had fucked but this was about to change. Kaydence Skye was about to have her first on-screen orgasm with a man.

Back to the story of Kaydence Skye’s first on-screen orgasm and the first orgasm that she had ever had with a man…………… The last time we fucked I had her close to cumming a few times but I just couldn’t find the spot so this time I decided to spend a little more time on her clitoris. Like many teens, Kaydence needs clitoral stimulation to reach climax so it was now my mission to find out what kind and how much. Flickering my tongue over her clitoris I gently slid one finger an inch or so into her wet coed coochy and put the other hand on her belly just above her pelvic bone. This way I could feel her muscle contractions with my fingers and I could watch her breathing and facial expressions as I licked her now fat clitoris.

One of the things I’ve learned over the years is that we men often do the right thing to get a woman to climax – we just don’t do it long enough. I decided that I had all the time in the world as long as Kaydence was willing to play with. Soon I could feel her vaginal contractions intensify and her breathing started to get irregular so I knew I was doing the right thing. Now to do it long enough for her to reach an orgasm. My tongue felt like it was going to fall off and my hand had a cramp in it but I continued to flick my tongue over her clitoris with the same speed and pressure as I worked my finger gently, almost unnoticed around the edges of her now wet and throbbing vagina.

As I looked up at her face, she almost completely stopped breathing and although her eyes were closed, I could see that they were moving as if she were in the REM phase of a good dream. Sliding my finger deeper into her now pulsating muffin, I flicked my tongue slightly harder and faster on her clitoris. Gently squeezing her firm left can with my right hand, I continued to finger her coochy and lick her clitoris and she started to arch her back and buck in the first throws of a building climax. Now guys, DON’T STOP HERE! – maintain what you were doing. Kaydence moaned and giggled as she curled her toes and arched her back in the final throws of her climax. Once over the “hump”, Kaydence’s clitoris is so sensitive that she can’t tolerate any more stimulation – pushing my fellatio away she completed her orgasm. “Oh God I’m Cumming” ;-)    I’ll be posting all of Kaydence Skye’s “sister porno” on Bring Me Your Sister so check it out today!

Female-female-male Amateur Sex Orgy Caught On Clip

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I’ve fucked a few sluts in my life but not all of them let me video it. Add a 2nd hussy to the mix and the chances are even slimmer that you’ll ever get to video yourself fucking them – and it’s just this type of female-female-male orgy that we all hunger for to catch on movie so that we can show out punk-ass friends that we really fucked two babes at once.

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Butterfly Haze knew that Tasha Burks and I were into the swinging clip so she approached Tasha and asked if she could try her first three-some. Tasha then set it up so that we could video it and put the video on our site. Butterfly had made a homemade movie before but was still a bit nervous about taking my over-sized cock.

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Tasha was able to get Butterfly relaxed and was soon devouring on her coed vagina as I licked Tasha’s wet little cunt. Butterfly’s coed vagina was getting all wet form Tasha’s tongue fucking so I figured it was time to slide my immense dick into her little coed vagina.

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I have to tell you that fucking each of these babes is a lot of fucking fun – but fucking both of these babes is fucking unblemished! Butterfly with her sexy tattoos and piercings and Tasha with her evil blue eyes. You can see all the real homemade sex video clips I’ve of these two babes on my website.

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What a great little vagina! OMG! As I hammered her wet cut it was all I could do to keep from blowing my wad inside of her. I wanted to spunk right then but I also wanted to fuck her longer. Hell, I wanted to hammer her coed cunt all fucking night long. See more homemade shoots of these two at


After what seemed like only a few seconds of fucking Butterfly’s coed vagina, I grabbed Tasha and slid my throbbing dick in her already wet vagina. Her vagina was so warm and tight that I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Of course I filmed the entire orgy – and these are just a few samples of how hot these sluts can be – members of my site get to see the entire video.


Maxi Booty’s First Creampie

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Maxi Booty stopped by the apartment and it didn’t take long for me to have this sexy teenager from Colorado Springs bent over my table so I could admire her amazing round booty.  Actually, Maxi is a good friend and she really does come by on a regular basis – and as often as not, Maxi’s visits turn to sex.

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Maxi Arrives For Her Creampie

And since Maxi loves sex so much, it wasn’t long until I had her underwear off, and was fingering her fat teenager pussy. Maxi was soon returning the favor by giving me one of her unmarred blowjobs. Swirling her tongue over the fellatio of my meat, she sent shivers down my spine and I had to focus to keep myself from blowing my wad in her mouth – not that I mind cumming in this cute teen’s mouth, but I had something else in mind – I wanted to feel my throbbing meat deep in her wet little teenage cunt.

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Maxi Booty Sucks My Cock

Bending her over a chair in the kitchen, I fucked her from behind – looking down at her unmarred round butt, I realized how lucky I was – fucking one of Colorado’s finest amateur sex girls in my own kitchen. The thought of such a cute babe fucking an old man in his own kitchen, combined with the unmarred feeling her tight pussy was imparting on my throbbing meat, I thrust one more time – as deep as i possible could – and shot a warm load of spunk deep in Maxi’s tight little cunt. Pulling out a bit, the 2nd spurt of spunk was deposited all over her wonderfully soft pussy lips – creampie for Maxi.

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Maxi Booty’s First Creampie

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