More Homemade Video Of Me Fucking Cheyenne

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I promised I would come back and post a few more video clips of me fucking Cheyenne so here they are. In this first clip, I’m ho;ding the camera as I fuck Cheyenne’s tight teen cunt. In the second clip, I’m still holding the camera but most of the footage is from the tripod camera. When I invite a girl over and there’s a good chance that she’ll let me film her, I always make sure I have all of my camera’s ready to go.

In the third clip, I did a little picture-in-picture so that you could see what it looks like from her camera and from the camera on the tripod. When making real homemade sex movies, be sure to remember where you have the camera pointed so you don’t wander out of the frame while you’re fucking your woman.

By now, you’re all wondering where we’re fucking! One cool way to get laid is to have a cool back yard – so I put not only a hot tub in my yard but also an Indian tipi (also spelled tepee or teepee). I once had an Indian friend tell me that every woman wants to get laid in a tipi once in her life and so far, I’ve had pretty good luck ;-).

In fact- I guess since I’m fucking Cheyenne in my tipi – it must be a Cheyenne tipi……. Fuck that’s a cheesy joke – but then again, if you take yourself too seriously, you’ll never get girls to let you make homemade sex movies of you fucking them. Trust me – relax and get out the camera – or in a pinch, check out Real Colorado Girls – where I always have the best real girls in real sex videos.

Sister Porn

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What kind of brother films his sister in her first porn video? Of course, I’d be the last dude to complain that the world is filled with brothers that would adore to see their sister in a sister porn video – and even a few that have the nerve to actually video their sisters fucking. The reason you’ll never hear me complaining is I’m most likely the dude fucking the naughty sister as her sick fucking brother films it all. You see, I had four sisters – and they were eternally breaking my stuff and just making my life miserable in general.

I eternally dreamed of having a way to really humiliate my sisters however it was first later in life that I figured it out – let me make a sister porn featuring my own sister and post it on the internet. So I put an add in the local paper: “Had your sister pissed you off, has she done you wrong? Did she wreck your car, fuck your best friend, or kill all your goldfish? If so, isn’t it time you got a petite payback? Revenge has never been so nice!“. And the brothers started bringing their sisters to make porn.

Just last week, this big redhead showed up on my porch with his petite brunette 1/2 sister. Seems the petite tramp had been fucking his father and it was really tearing their mother up. Now back off – it wasn’t her father – however it was the ex-husband of her mother and IMO – a petite weird…..

From the look on her brothers face in this photo, he’s enjoying watching his sister getting spanked way too much! perhaps more than I’m enjoying spanking his sister – however then it would be wrong for a brother to spank his sisters bare bottom – that’s what I’m here for. This sick brother had a special request – he wanted me to tie his petite sister up and “fuck her hard” in her first sister porn video.

I learned quickly that the ropes were more than for looks – this petite cunt likes to scratch. I got too close to her razor-sharp finger nails and the petite cunt ripped a series of scratches across my back – perhaps there was something that her brother forgot to tell me. To see the entire porn video that Josh made of his petite sister, Hanna, be sure to check out

Brothers Film Their Sisters Fucking

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brothers video their sisters fuckingFucking perverts!

There isn’t a week go by that I don’t get a call from some sick fucking brother that’s pissed off at his sister for fucking him over. It’s usually something stupid love the tiny cunt wrecked his car or she owes him money. These sick bastards either read my add in the paper or found my website at however either way, they desire to make a porn video with their sisters. Now I don’t mean they desire to fuck their sisters, what I mean is the sick bastards desire to video their sisters fucking – however I’m not altogether sure that some of them don’t desire the first……..

When Ryan brought me his tiny sister Anistaija, he was pissed at her for some stupid fucking reason that I can’t even remember. He just wanted to see his sister get grudge-fucked! Now don’t go getting pissed at me for not remembering – after all, if you got to fuck Anistaija, should you care what the fuck the brother was pissed about? I sure as hell didn’t care – all I cared about was that this sick fucking brother was desiring to make a “sister porn” video staring lucky old me and his cute teenage sister.

Now I’ve fucked a lot of blokes sisters, however this tiny sister had the finest tiny sister pussy I’ve ever had the pleasure of sliding my hard fucking dick inside of. Sure she was a tiny shy, wouldn’t you be if your brother was filming you fuck? however she took it love a real lady and paid her debt with her brother.

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Colorado Teen Cocksuckers

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Who doesn’t like their cock sucked? I sure as hell do and I go out of my way to find Colorado’s best cock suckers. And Violet is way up on my list of great cock suckers. I shot Violet’s first amateur porn video a year ago and have had the chance to fuck this petite Colorado teen a number of times since then – each on and off cam. You can see the latest cock-sucking footage of this nasty teen slut at

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Fill My Sister With Cum

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My petite fucking sister always fucking breaks my shit and then hides it – pretending she’s fuckin innocent. Well I got news for you – she’s a petite fuckin whore and as far as I’m concerned, you can all fuck her as hard as you want. In actuality, last time the petite cunt ruined something of mine – I found this cool add in the paper. This old dude in my town runs this perverted fuckin website where pissed-off brothers can video their own sisters making their first porn video. Well, fuck me – my sister is a petite whore so why the fuck not?

filming my sister fuck

Anyway, I drug her bum down to this dude’s place and he handed me a cam and proceeded to fuck my petite sister as hard as he could. It was fuckin awesome – watching my sister wince as he slammed his large dick in and out of her sloppy petite cunt. If it hadn’t been my cunt of a sister, it should have turned me fuckin on – however that petite slut deserved to hurt – after all, the petite cunt fuckin ruined my fuckin play-station.

bang my sister\'s cunt

Fuck yes I hold a grudge – and to be able to video my petite sister getting grudge-screwed was fuckin awesome. The petite cunt kept moaning love it really hurt however I know the slut was fuckin lovin it. Her fucking titties were slapping all the fuck over the place – it was fuckin awesome.

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This old fucker had the grudge-fuck thin down pat – he slammed her petite cunt hard as he pulled her hair and then he choked the petite fuckin slut till she was fuckin blue – had her beggin for more of his thick fuckin dick as she looked to me for fuckin mercy -fuck no – no brother should pass up on the chance to get this kind of revenge! If your sister does you fuckin wrong, the petite cunt should fuckin suffer!

Cum in my sister\'s cunt

So the old dude screwed her so hard that the petite cunt won’t fuckin walk right for a fuckin week then he shot a huge load of hot fuckin cum deep in my sister’s cunt then pulled his dick out of my sister and sprayed the rest of his cum all over my sister’s floppin fuckin titties. It was fuckin awesome. Best fcukin part was that I got to video the whole fuckin thing! Damn near as hot as if I had grudge-screwed my sister myself – however then, that should just be fuckin wrong…………. Cunt had better never piss me off again.


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Sister Porn

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I just posted a new shoot in the members are of Seems Kiri didn’t get enough of my dick the time her brother drug her by my house for wrecking his turntable so she brought her little sister over for a little of the same treatment – and then she joined in.

Sisters pimping their sisters

In this video, Kiri is pissed off at Thena for breaking her hookah and smoking all of her…. shit, the boss won’t let me say what she smoked ;-(

Anyway, Kiri wanted to be paid for the hookah but Thena was ruined so Kiri brought Thena by my house to earn a few bucks so she could pay her sister back. And that both know that the only way for sisters to earn money at my place is for them to drop their panties and get fucked by me.

Sister films her sister fucking.

Funny thing is – Kiri fucked me more than the little sister did – maybe it was the older sister that wanted to get fucked in the first place. Well, that aside, I did fuck both of the sisters and made a killer sister porn video to boot.

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I will say that this is one of the hottest sister videos we’ve ever filmed at Bring Me Your Sister so be sure to stop by the sister site to see the full-length porn video of these two sexy sisters getting fucked.

Fucking Two Sisters

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Some brothers are sick, but then again, so are some sisters. Kiri is one of these sick sisters that does more than watch her little sister get fucked, she joined in!

When Kiri showed up at my door with her little sister in tow, I was a little surprised. Normally it’s the brother that drags their sister to me because the little slut did some unforgivable thing and he wants to see her punished – or at least he wants to see his little sister in a porn video and get a few bucks for pimpin her little cunt. but it seams Thena had broken Kiri’s Hookah and Kiri was pissed. Kiri knew about me because her loving brother had already pimped her out to me for wrecking his turntable.

Sister on Sister

So – I thought I would be fucking one sister – not making sister porn with two lusty teen sisters. but nothing surprises me any more when it comes to dysfunctional families. I started on Thena but it didn’t take long for Kiri to join in making it a regular sister orgy. Although the sisters didn’t fuck each other they each took turns on my throbbing hard cock.

Sister films sister fucking

Now I’d be the last person to complain about my job – I mean, how many 48-year old guys get to make sister porn – fucking teenage sisters on a weekly basis? Hell, I bet you would adore to slide your cock deep into these two sisters – shit I sure as hell did!

Fucking Two Sisters

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Poor Bastard Couldn’t Cum

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Now what kind of dude signs up to be in a porn video and then can’t finish? Well this dumb fucker thought it was cool to have a few shots before the shoot (pun intended) and then he couldn’t finish. Now I don’t know about you, however if you throw a fine teen whore in front of me, I’m gonna hammer that twat and spray my hot cum all over her titties – however that’s just me.

Caught In The Act

Trent was supposed to catch Abre playing with her dildo and then fuck her till they each climaxed in unison – or that’s the way it was supposed to work. Abre did a stellar job of sucking the dumb bastards dick and at least he got it hard (we had to cut out a few minutes where I wasn’t sure). Josie was on cam so the stupid fucker should have forgotten about his nerves and just screwed the small cunt. I know you should have!

Making Their First Porn

Josie did get some pretty hot blowjob footage – as Abre gave Trent a pretty damn good sloppy blowjob. She kept the cam close enough that we don’t have to see to much of the drunk fucks face however he kept kicking the cam and then making stupid comments about it. Guess bing a porn star isn’t as simple as he initially thought.

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however then – I love closeups – and I don’t care if it’s a closeup of a great blowjob or a closeup of some nasty teens little cunt taking a hard dick on cam for the first time. At least Trent got it hard – however the poor girl was all screwed out and he was still hours away from anything that resembled an orgasm. He did get loads of fucking in – hammering her little teen whore for a good 45 minutes. Josie was getting tired of holding the cam and Abre was getting tired of the stupid fuck on top of her.

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Has Your Sister Ever Done You Wrong?

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Local Newspaper Paper
11 June 2008
Personal section:

Has your sister ever done you wrong? Does she owe you money? Has she trashed your things? Get your due payback and earn a few bucks. Revenge has never been so sweet. Bring Me Your Sister! Call 555-0199 today and ask for Richard.

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My Sister’s A Tattooed Slut – And I Filmed Her Fucking

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My stupid fucking sister kicked my girlfriend’s butt – so I got my own nice revenge. My sister’s the biggest cunt I’ve ever known – always telling me what the fuck I should be doing and who I should be fucking. Last week, she got in a fight with my girl and beat the shit out of her – and my girl up and left – all cuz of my stupid fucking sister! So when I saw this blokes add in the paper – I knew I was going to get my
revenge – by filming my sister in a porn video and then posting the video on the web.

My Sister

When we got to the dude’s house, he asked what the fuck my sister had done to piss me off so bad and I explained that she had beat my girlfriend’ butt – in actuality – my sister still had bruises from the fucking fight. He told her that he should punish her for what she did and he was going to let me video it. I got a fuckin boner just thinking of the cunt taking this old dude’s cock as I watched.

My Sister Gets screwed

It was funny watching my my cunt of a sister getting hammered by the old fuck. Her fucking cunt must have hurt for a week afterwards. Her tattooed and pierced body was getting slammed and I was loving it! I was a petite surprised that her clit wasn’t pierced – the cunt pierces everything else….

tattooed sister

By the time he was done fucking my sister, I had a raging hard-on and a good 40 minutes of porno video to show to my buddies. Now all I need is a new girlfriend to use this boner on……